Can chickens lay eggs without a rooster?


Once it has reached physical maturity at about 6 months, a hen lays eggs regardless of whether it has mated with a rooster. The egg production also occurs regardless of male participation.

If chickens mate, then a fertilized egg is laid. If the hen sits on the egg, or it is put into an incubator, it hatches into a chick. Most commercially sold eggs are unfertilized. In laying hens, about one egg is produced in a 24-hour period. The formation of an egg begins in the hen's ovary. A follicle, which eventually becomes the egg yolk, leaves the ovary and travels through a tube, the oviduct. This is where albumen, or white, forms around the follicle. In addition, in this area shell membranes and the shell itself cover the inner substances.

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Because a hens egg is like the egg your ovaries release.the hen laying the egg is like the ovary releasing the egg into your uterus. The only way the egg can mature is if it is fertilized
A rooster is not needed for a hen to lay an egg, Roosters are only needed
How many eggs a chicken lays has to do with the particular breed and how many hours of day light the chicken has. That's why commercial egg production houses control the amount of
1. Help chickens lay more eggs with a diet tailored to the nutritional requirements of laying hens. Instead of using laying mash, feed the birds other sources of the minerals and
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