Can Chickens Swim?


Chickens are birds that are not adapted to water. If a chicken is put in water, their natural instinct would be to attempt to flap their wings and fly out of the water which may not be construed as swimming.
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Yes, chickens can swim. But they are naturally averse to bodies of water and would not attempt to swim on their own.
Chickens cannot swim and they are not very fond of water. There are many people who think that chickens do swim when the situation calls for it but this is a very rare occurrence.
Although it is a heavily debated topic, it has been proven time and again that chicken can swim if given the proper motivation. They may not have webbed feet, but they float on the water like a duck and swim their way to safety. That does not mean they enjoy it, however. You can find more information here:
Yes. Chickens can swim, but they do not like to be in water. They can float and paddle just like a duck. However, if you have a chick, let it stay on dry land. You can find more information here:
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