Can Chocolate Kill Cats?


Chocolate can be lethal for cats since it contains the agent theobromine which is toxic for cats. The most dangerous varieties of chocolate for cats are dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate which can cause abnormal heart rhythms, seizures and death.
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Even a small amount of chocolate can kill a dog. I don't mean your regular candy bar chocolate, but the kind that
There is a chemical in chocolate called theobromine that is very toxic to cats, and unfortunately cats detoxify this chemical in their bodies very slowly. Theobromine causes a slow
The exact amount of chocolate needed to kill a cat is unknown. It's...
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is also known as FIV, and is similar to the HIV virus that leads to AIDS in humans. Some cats can carry the disease for years before symptoms arise.
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It is not safe for cats to eat chocolate.
Chocolate can be lethal for cats. Although most cats won't eat it on their own, they can be coaxed to eat it by owners and others who think they are giving the cat a treat... More >>
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