Can Cipro Cure Chlamydia?


In laboratory tests that were carried out, Cipro was good at treating Chlamydia. However, it appears that Cipro cannot cure Chlamydia in people because even high doses of the drug were insufficient.
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A shot of rocephin and 1000-2000mg zithromax.
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Because it is a bacterial infection. Viral infections like HIV, herpes, etc. can not be cured because they are viral (think viruses) infections. Look up the difference between the
I do know for sure that chlamydia can be cured with antibiotics but it has to be used by everyone thats been in contact with it or else it will come back
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Chlamydia can be treated by taking Ciprofloxacin. There are different side effects that have been caused by taking this medication. Take the medication as directed, and always speak to a doctor before starting a new treatment.
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