Can cockroaches fly?


Adult American cockroaches are able to fly for short distances. From a high perch such as a tree, a cockroach is also an efficient glider. However, prior to maturity, cockroach nymphs have no wings.

In general, cockroaches are more likely to run than fly. When challenged or startled, they are fast runners. Adult cockroaches grow to be about three inches long. They make their homes in warm, damp places such as flowerbeds, trees and sewer systems. Roaches move indoors in search of food or water, where they seek hospitable areas, including bathrooms, kitchens and basements. Outdoor roaches eat small insects, fungi, algae and wood. Once they move indoors, they feed on food scraps and pet food.

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Cockroaches can run around three to four mph. To help them in escaping from danger they have three legs on the ground to help run faster. They can also feel danger all around them
The American cockroach can fly. Their flight is more of a gliding movement
Keep windows and doors shut to avoid creating easy entrance points. Holes in doors, windows, and screens also allow access to a home. Poor-fitting screens are another entrance point
by wings and legs.
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