Can Crocodiles Attack Underwater?


Crocodiles are huge animals that live in water. They live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Crocodiles can attack underwater because they attack and then pull their prey into the water then continue underwater.
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1. Stay as calm as possible and try not to panic. It's important to keep a clear mind when facing a crisis situation. 2. Be prepared to escape. The crocodile may strike once then
By opening there eyes. -
Crocodile attacks are by far more common. The "Nile" crocodile alone attacks hundreds of people a year, while in Asia and Australia, reported attacks by the saltwater crocodile
The worst mass attack by crocodiles was said to have been on the night of
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One of the adaptations of the crocodile is that it has a fleshy valve at the back of the throat to help prevent drowning should it swallow food underwater. Its ...
Some characteristics of a crocodile is that he is needs to come to the surface to breathe but can hold his breath underwater for three to five minutes. They also ...
Yes, if you provoke a snake when it is underwater, the snake can bite you underwater. A cottonmouth or water moccasin is one snake that can attack when under water ...
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