Can crocodiles attack underwater?


While crocodiles are most dangerous in shallow water and at the shoreline, they can still attack underwater. According to CrocBITE, crocodiles have a special valve in their throats that keeps water out, allowing them to open their mouths and bite even when they are fully submerged.

Crocodiles typically target prey near the surface of water and attack in areas very close the shoreline. While there is some evidence that crocodiles are less likely to view humans as prey when they are underwater, they are still able to attack and are considered to be a serious threat to divers and submerged swimmers.

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Crocodiles usually stay underwater for 10 to 15 minutes. Most can remain underwater up to 2 hours.
not as long as you would think. less than 20min usually but they can float for up to 2 hours if they aren't struggling. If they struggle they will drown in under 30min Source(s):
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