Can Dog Fleas Live on Humans?


Fleas are wingless parasites that live off of food. Humans are not a preferred host of most fleas but can be infested by dog flea, among other animal fleas. Dog fleas cause allergies in humans, itchy, red bumps to hay-fever-like conditions but they do not live for a very long time in humans.
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Fleas live on the skin of your dog, underneath his fur or hair. Fleas need blood to live, so they will stay close to the skin to bite your dog. They can live anywhere on the body,
The life cycle of a flea varies greatly and can be as short as two weeks or as
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Adult fleas live exclusively on warm blooded animals. Wall-to-wall carpeting and soft furnishings also offer wonderful homes for these little guys. Luckily, though they may bite humans, they won?t live on us.
Adult fleas are normally 1-4mm long, brownish in colour, without wings and powerful legs adapted for jumping and piercing. Adult fleas live exclusively as parasites of warm-blooded animals.  Dog fleas prefer feeding on cats and dogs, but also feed on humans.
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