Can Dog Shampoo Kill Lice?


Yes this will kill lice but is not to be used on any child or human and this is for an animal and not a human. Some of the active ingredients in dog shampoo, like pyrethrins, are also the main ingredient in Rid and other anti-lice shampoos.
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1. Saturate the infected individual's hair with mayonnaise. Start at the roots and work the mayonnaise all the way through the hair to the ends. Make sure you get the mayonnaise behind
Permethrin 1% creme rinse (such as Nix) is also a common first
You must follow the instructions on the bottle. First of all realize that there is poison in those shampoos and they are harmful to humans. 10 minutes is the maximum time alotted
try the pharmacy, they keep things like that behind the counters beacuse they are a bit more expensive and they work very well. lice sucks, ive had it before too, so i know what you're
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