Can Dogs and Cats Get Head Lice?


Cats and dogs can get head lice. Any animal with hair can get lice. It is not that easy for a pet to get head lice from a human unless they are sharing common items such as combs or pillows.
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Getting rid of head lice is a pain in the butt. You need to buy a treatment from your local pharmacy. Use it on your hair. Also, wash all sheets, pillows, and other bedding.
You can get lice by sharing combs, brushes or hair ties with someone who has the bug. You can even get it by putting your head on their pillow or hugging them. I got lice once from
While rumor has it that head lice only attacks "dirty people", or is something that only "poor people" get, I can attest to the fact that head lice does not care
Anyone can get head lice. They are not a sign of being dirty. Most people don't know they are infested until they see the nits or lice. One telltale sign of head lice is a persistent
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