Can Dogs and Cats Get Head Lice?


Cats and dogs can get head lice. Any animal with hair can get lice. It is not that easy for a pet to get head lice from a human unless they are sharing common items such as combs or pillows.
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Adult head lice are never bigger than a sesame seed and are grayish-white or tan in color. Both fleas and lice lay oval shaped eggs but flea eggs are white in color while lice eggs
You get the shampoo and put it on your head. Fleas shampoo may not work, get one for lice and get the one with the special comb so you can get the nits out of your hair.
Head lice are a human parasite and they have adapted incredibly well to living in human hair, as they need human blood to survive. They can only survive on humans and so therefore
That is a sign of your cat communicating with your dog. Cat's
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