Can dogs eat cooked eggs?


According to PetMD, cooked eggs are an acceptable food for dogs. Hard-boiled eggs are preferable because ingredients such as butter are not needed to prevent eggs from sticking to the pan. Eggs served in chunks, mixed with kibble or whole are suitable, depending on the dog.

PetMD indicates that eggs are a good source of protein needed for muscle growth, healthy hair and tissue repair. Dogs get protein and calcium from eggshells as well, and these strengthen bones and teeth. Some dogs are able to handle whole, unbroken hard-boiled eggs, but others must have the shells cracked or even removed and added to other food. Raw eggs are not suitable for dogs due to the possibility that they contain pathogens that cause illness.

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There are a lot of things that we as humans can eat but dogs shouldn't. Chocolate, coffee, and basically anything that contains caffeine can be toxic and affect the heart and nervous
1. Make your chickens unaccessible to your dog. Secure your chickens inside a pen. This will not only prevent your dog from having access to the eggs but will also protect your chickens
Most dogs don't like egg whites (though some do) and giving your dog an occasional cooked egg yolk (no salt and pepper) will not hurt him. so is more then 1 a week not good?
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It is not safe for dogs to eat raw eggs, though cooked eggs are safe in moderation.
There are two problems with giving your dog raw eggs. The first is the possibility of food poisoning from bacteria like Salmonella or E. coli. The second is that an enzyme in raw eggs interferes with the absorption of a particular B vitamin... More >>
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