Can Dogs Eat Lettuce?


Dogs have shorter digestive tracks than humans so before feeding the dog lettuce it may be wise to run it through a chopper first. Carrots, green beans, and yams are also safe treats for your dog.
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1. Cut around the stem on the bottom of the head of lettuce and remove. 2. Rinse the head of lettuce under running tap water to remove dirt and debris. Gently shake it over the sink
Dogs like to eat meat, but it's great for them to eat lettuce, which contains fiber. Some't-dogs-eat-...
lettuce eats water, sunlight, and soil/fertilizer.
Dogs are carnivores and do not have the ability to digest lettuce effectively. They eat grass to calm an upset stomach, and may put lettuce in the same category.
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While dogs can eat some vegatables, lettuce is not good for them. This type of greens can cause debilitating diarrhea, dehydration, and death of the animal.
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