Can Dogs Eat Lettuce?


Dogs have shorter digestive tracks than humans so before feeding the dog lettuce it may be wise to run it through a chopper first. Carrots, green beans, and yams are also safe treats for your dog.
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Dogs can eat almost any foods. It is easier to tell you what to not give them. Definitely no cooked chicken or pork bones these can kill your dog. Also no chocolate, nuts, onions
These concentrated discs of sea algae are sold commercially in pet stores, aquariums and online venues. The discs are packed with vegetables and are perfectly suitable for other species
Mayonnaise, meat, cheese, tuna.
Dogs like to eat meat, but it's great for them to eat lettuce, which contains fiber. Some't-dogs-eat-...
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While dogs can eat some vegatables, lettuce is not good for them. This type of greens can cause debilitating diarrhea, dehydration, and death of the animal.
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