Can Dogs Eat Vegetables?


Dogs can eat vegetables and it is in fact recommended that dogs should eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables, meat and fruits. Some of the vegetables dogs can eat include spinach and carrots.
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Your dog can eat either raw or cooked vegetables of just about any kind, avoiding a few such as onions and garlic which may cause anemia. Not to mention stinky breath!
Your dog will benefit from a diet that includes vegetables rich in digestible fiber, which helps maintain healthy weight, and phytochemcials, which help to prevent disease. Most modern-day
Add I have been making my 10 & 12 yr old Havanese dogs home made food for years. Avoid: onions, tomatoes, celery (heavy in salt content) nuts and chocolate, watermelon. . I
cabbage, spinach, celery, jicama, chard, yam, squash, broccoli, apples, strawberries, blueberries, banana, carrot, parsley, zucchini, kelp, green bean. but never feed onion, citrus
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What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?
Pet nutritionists, Pat McKay, Anitra Frazier and Celeste Yarnall, believe that giving your dog vegetables as part of his daily diet can help prevent certain diseases. Vegetables contain many essential vitamins and minerals that dogs need for a long,... More »
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Yes, dogs can eat vegetables with the exception of onions and garlic. Most veggies should be cut up into small pieces or run through a blender so the dog does not choke.
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Although their ancestors were primarily carnivores, dogs today are omnivores. They eat a variety of foods, including meat, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and ...
Though they like to eat fruits and vegetables sometimes, Dogs are not omnivorous. Dogs are known to eat grass when they have either a food particle stuck in their ...
Radishes should not be fed to dogs. Radishes are part of the vegetable family that produces goitrogens, which can cause hyperthyroidism in dogs. For more information ...
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