Can Dogs Get Cold Sores?


Dogs can infrequently get ulcers or cold sores on their genitals from the canine herpes virus. However, dogs most often exhibit respiratory illnesses when they have the virus. This is not transmittable to humans. A veterinarian can properly diagnose a dog for the canine herpes virus.
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Getting rid of a cold sore takes time. First you need to not touch it, scratch it or mess with it in any way, if you do you might spread it. You can also use OTC remedies such as
Cold sores are basically a simple herpes virus meaning there is no prescribed medicine that will stop a breakout or destroy the virus. The first sign of a breakout is redness to the
Anyone who is exposed to the herpes simplex virus, which is extremely common. Most children have been exposed (mainly through being kissed by loving relatives) by the time they are
You could go to a drug store and buy Origel, which is a numming medicine. But most cold sores usually go away after a few days.
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Cold sores do occur in dogs just as it does in humans. The symptoms in dogs include red, inflamed lesions on the skin of the dog and the dog may spend some time licking the area affected. The sores may be caused by allergies, viral or bacterial infection and skin irritants.
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