Can Dogs Get Psoriasis?


Dogs can get psoriasis, which causes dry and flaky areas of skin on the animal. Psoriasis if often bright red in color and appears scaly. A good treatment for psoriasis is using coal tar which is available in lotion forms and shampoo forms. It is also important to keep the animals skin moist with lotions and keep the dog from scratching as it will only worsen this type of skin condition. The most common cause of psoriasis in dogs is food allergy.
Q&A Related to "Can Dogs Get Psoriasis?"
See your vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.
My dog has the same problem. I filled up the bath tub, deep enough so the water was at her shoulders, if your dog is too big for that just get it as deep as you can, and add a cup
Its caused by a weak immune system or a food allergy usually. A change in diet or the sadding of a supplement might help. Primrose oil in the food ( Omega 6 fatty oils) is usually
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