Can Dogs Have Pepto Bismol?


Dogs can have Pepto Bismol as a treatment for an upset stomach. However, you should consult your vet before administering the medication. The advised dose is 0.5 to 1ml of Pepto Bismol for every pound the dog weighs.
Q&A Related to "Can Dogs Have Pepto Bismol?"
1. Select a Pepto Bismol product for your dog. Dogs should only be given the regular-strength liquid medication or the regular-strength tablets. 2. Weigh your dog. If your dog will
I would suggest none until you talk to a veterinarian. There are many reasons why a dog may be throwing up, ranging from simple indigestion (such as eating food too fast or eating
If you can, get Imodium.
This is what I do for any of my canine patients that need liquid medication so give it a try: Put dog in sit/stay command. Get behind the dog with a knee on each side of the dogs
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