Can Dogs Take Bactrim?


Yes, dog's can take Bactrim. This is a brand name drug that animals can use safely. You can find Bactrim for dogs on many online pet pharmacy sites for over the counter use.
Q&A Related to "Can Dogs Take Bactrim?"
You should consult with your veterinarian. There are medicines for humans that canines cannot tolerate.
You shouldnt be using unless given by a vet and then wil have the directions on it. Not all drugs used on humans can be used on dogs. Just like flea preventatives if use cat stuff
You should give her the exact dosage that your vet recommends when he checks the skin infection, and you should give her only the medication that the vet recommends. You can tell
PetMeds says 13mg/pound of dog. Double check me, tho' I'm not a vet.
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