Can Dogs Take Human Medicine?


There are a number of different kinds of human medicines that can be also be consumed by dogs. Some of these drugs include Benadryl, which is given for allergies. Immodium AD and Pepto Bismol can also be used to treat diarrhoea. However, it is advisable to consult your vet before giving your dog these drugs.
Q&A Related to "Can Dogs Take Human Medicine?"
Very, very few and only under a veterinarian's supervision and instruction. Dogs are not little humans and they can and do react very differently to human medications. Over-the-counter
Some over-the-counter drugs for people can be given to your dog. With the exception of certain breeds, Imodium A-D can be used for dogs with diarrhea. Benadryl, a human antihistamine
None without guidance from your veterinarian. If your dog is painful, he needs to see a vet. A proper diagnosis will be made and your vet will prescribe proper medication to treat
1 Take your dog's pill, and put it in a bowl. Using a bowl is important, because the next step could get a little messy! Ad 2 Use your METAL spoon to crush up the pill until it is
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