Can Dolphins Kill Sharks?


Sea mammals can kill a shark by ramming it at high speed, as dolphins have demonstrated in oceanarium tanks. Dolphins can kill a shark by battering the soft underbelly with their snouts, but sharks more often kill dolphins. The shark then bleeds internally until it dies.
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Usually By Ramming It So Hard It Bleeds To Death.
Despite stories that dolphins can attack & kill sharks, sharks are actually dolphins main predators. No firm evidence that dolphins can kill a shark.
Although a dolphin (porpoise for that matter) is smarter, I do not think
Unknown. Dolphins can travel, over a short distance, up to 8.2 to 11.2 m/s (16 to 22 knots) though.
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A dolphin is capable of killing a shark. Dolphins commonly travel n groups and when a shark attacks one of them, they will join together and fight the shark. The dolphin snout can injure and even kill the shark.
Dolphins kill sharks by repeatedly ramming at them. Dolphin's main weapon is their snout that is made of very strong and thick bone. It has a hard, rounded end. Dolphins normally travel in groups and if one of them is threatened by a shark, the group circles the shark very rapidly from different directions. This makes the shark to become confused and not able to chase any one of the dolphins.
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