Can Donkeys Reproduce?


Donkeys do reproduce and have a gestation period of 372-374 days. Their reproduction is similar in many ways to the horse and they do achieve puberty at the age of two years.
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by having sexual intercourse The male donkey mounts the female and inserts the penis into her vagina, releasing sperm which fertilizes her ova. First answer by Kristofferson. Last
There are at least 9 different breeds of donkey. They reproduce the same way all animals do.
Donkeys can reproduce. A donkey mating with a donkey will produce a donkey. A male't-donkeys-r...
Horses and donkey can reproduce because both the donkey (Equus africanus asinus) and horse (Equus ferus caballus) share very similar mating behaviors and readily recognize mating
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Yes donkeys can reproduce. If they didn't reproduce we would not have them in the world today, they would have died off a long time ago. They reproduce like horses do or how any other animal does.
Yes, donkeys can reproduce. The female donkey is called a jenny and the male is called a jackass. Their reproduction system is like the horse.
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Donkeys reproduce like any other animal, a horse included. When a donkey is mated with a horse, that's when you get a mule, and mules are sterile. ...
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