Can Elephants Run?


Elephants can run although they are not as fast as other animals. Elephants take faster and longer steps, but they never take all four feet off the ground. Elephants, the largest land mammals and can have a weight of approximately 900 kilograms.
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Elephants do not run that often, because of their big size they rarely do more than walk. When necessary an elephant can "run" about 12 mph, this is fast considering their
Size Elephants a have the distinction of being the largest land animal in the world. Adult male Asian elephants weigh in at nearly 6 tons and tower to a height of 10 feet at the shoulder
Elephant Run is a book by Roland Smith and it is about a Boy Named Nick Freestone who lives with his mother and step-father in London, until the bombing come. The story takes place
Elephant Run by Roland Smith. He also wrote Peak, Zach's Lie, Cryptid Hunters, Elephant Run,
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Elephants run at the average speed of 15 mph. Technically they do not run though. They actually walk very fast. If they are really angry though, they can charge ...
Elephants can't run or jump. But they can walk up to speeds of 15 mph! This is pretty fast for a 12 foot and 9 ton animal. Their trunks alone can weigh around ...
Elephant Run is a novel by author Roland Smith. The story is about a young man's journey through the jungle of Burma. It's focus is to explore ...
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