Can Felon Own a Muzzleloader?


Can a felon own a muzzleloader. A muzzleloader is not considered a fire arm by BATF. You would have to go to the courthouse in your county and have them to look up the laws for you. Each state is different on if a felon can own a muzzleloader.
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Persons convicted of crimes other than minor traffic violations are not permitted to own firearms. They can apply, but will be turned down almost immediately - you may as well not
A convicted felon is not allowed to own a rifle or any other
If your sister applied for a permit to purchase a firearm - its doubtful that she would be able to have that gun. However, she can still buy one on the "street" - if she
Hi Brooke, Yes you can own a firearm if you have a clean record. Just be sure the felon you live with does not have access to it. I am sorry to hear about your rape incident. The
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