Can Female Bettas Live Together?


Betta fish are naturally loners and do not prefer to exist with one sex over another. They are even nicknamed siamese fighting fish because many would rather pick fights than live peacefully with other fish (including another betta). However, this does not mean they have to live alone, since some bettas get along fine with other fish. The fish owner should test a betta's tolerance to others by adding only one other fish at a time and monitoring how it handles the new addition.
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1. Set a 10-gallon fishbowl in a place away from other fishbowls or aquariums. Other fish will cause the male betta to go into attack mode, which will not allow for breeding. Fill
Gouramis and other betta fish-just not two males.
You can have any number of female Bettas, so long as they are kept in odd numbers. 2 is asking for trouble. 10-gallons is minimum for multiple Bettas. In that you can have 3. Up it
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Female Betta fishes can live together up to 5 or more per tank. Still, each fish requires at least 2 gallons of water and space to properly swim around and get proper heat.
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You cannot put two Betta females together unless there are one or more males in the aquarium. Female Bettas are very territorial and peck a lot when placed together ...
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