Can Female Cows Have Horns?


There are lots of breeds of cows where the females or heifers have horns. It is basically a city dweller myth, that only bulls have horns.
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There are many cattle breeds in which the cows have horns. A few: the
This is an ambiguous question because there are over 900 breeds of cattle in the world, and there are a few breeds where all cows (AND bulls) are horned, but all others have cows
A female cow with horns is called a cow. Horns are found on animals from the family Bovidae. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 02:10AM EST. Source:
I read your question and had a reaction. However, before you read my thoughts you should seriously consider I have no clue what I am talking about and probably shouldn't even be
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There are numerous breeds of cows that have horns such as; Alberes, Alentejana, Amrit Mahal, Fulani Sudanese, Kazakh, Nelore, N'dama, Xinjian brown and Nagori. ...
The difference between a male and female cattle is that male cattle also known as a bull have well built large bodies and large horns and have well developed reproductive ...
Cows do have horns but there are species that do not have them. For instance, the species of angus do not have horns on either sex. On the other hand, there are ...
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