Can Ferrets Eat Cat Food?


Ferrets can eat cat food. An excellent quality cat food that is extremely high in protein can be fed to a ferret. Provide them with food that contains at least 25-30% protein content, but avoid any pet foods that contain fish meal.
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Ferrets can eat dry ferret or hard kitten food. This helps keep their teeth clean. They can also have fruit and vegetables. Ferrets are a little lactose intolerant and should not
A ferret can eat cat food, but not as a main source. They should be eating food made especially for ferrets only. A high quality kitten food can be a second source of food for ferrets
I found this website really helpful (it compares made-for-ferrets food, and cat food brands and lets the reader decide which one they like best)
Eating cat food occasionally will not harm your ferret but you should feed it a diet
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Ferrets are not recommended to eat actual cat food. However, kitten food is more recommended as it has more nutritional value to a ferret. You can find more information here:
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Ferrets are supposed to be fed high quality ferret food or dry kitten food. Hard foods help to keep a ferrets teeth clean, and will help their feces smell less ...
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