Can Ferrets Eat Human Food?


According to the American Ferret Association, ferrets are carnivores and should eat mostly meat. If they eat dry feed, it should be the highest quality ferret or cat foods with a minimum of thirty-six percent protein. They can also eat the same meats that humans eat, as well as the bones and organs.
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Can Ferrets Eat Human Food?
Despite popular misconception, ferrets do not instinctively know what food is good for them and what is bad. They will eat anything they can get a hold of. Fortunately, there are many fine commercially made ferret food and treats available. But some... More »
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It is not advisable to feed ferrets human food. Ferrets need a specializied diet, which is provided for them in ferret food. However, occasional treats such as raisins and unsalted peanuts can be safely fed to these animals.
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Ferrets are pets who have a diet similar to rats and rabbits. Ferrets love fresh vegetables and fruits. There is also commercial ferret food on the market.
the best is none. ferrets should only eat meat, i guess you could give a ferret some chicken or steak you're eating i there's not sauce or too much seasoning on it.
Meat and eggs. Any kind of meat. It can be cooked or raw. My ferrets get chicken, beef, pork, turkey, game hen, fish, liver, heart, kidney etc. Anything is fine. If raw you can feed
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Ferrets are supposed to be fed high quality ferret food or dry kitten food. Hard foods help to keep a ferrets teeth clean, and will help their feces smell less ...
The best ferret food is meat. Since ferrets have a small digestive system and they metabolize food fast, they would have to frequently eat. the most nutritional ...
Ferrets should be fed a high quality dry kitten ferret food, which should contain from 32% to 36% protein and at least 18% fat. Like all carnivores, the ferrets ...
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