Can Fish Swim Backwards?


A number can of fish can swim backwards, but usually do not. Fish that can swim in backwards are mostly members of the eel families. Fish move around by using their fins that help them propel them as well as steer.
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Basically, any fish with a swim bladder and movable pectoral fins can swim backward (bony, ray-finned fish).
Most fish cannot swim backwards. Those that can are mostly members of one of the eel families.
Angelfish, Puffers, Discus, Loaches, Plecos, to name a few - can all swim backwards. They dont normally go backwards cause its so much easier to turn around. Source(s): I keep all
1. Compare your aquarium's pH level, temperature, water hardness, NO3 levels and salinity to the recommended guidelines for your fish in your fish guide. Poor water quality fosters
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There are some species of fish that can swim backwards, but most of the species that can do not. Most of the fish that can swim backwards are part of one of the eel families.
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