Can Flamingos Fly?


Flamingos can indeed fly. For them to fly, they run for a few steps, flap their wings and lift into the air. Flamingos are adapted to high salinity and can hold their breath when feeding under water.
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a flamingo can run 234 miles per hour.
Flamingos can travel as far as 373 miles (600 km) in one night at 31-37 mph (50 to 60
Patagium is an expandable membranous fold of skin between the wing and body of a bird which requred by birds while flying. This patagium is cut in flamingos from zoo. So even though
Your friend Taylor must be talking about the species that is found in the front yards of many people in the Burbs. They don't fly much or eat much, but they do look lovely. Asker's
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Yes, the Flamingo can fly. It's about like an airplane taking off. It has to run some to get enough speed up before it can take flight. They fly in tight groups and need to flap their wings constantly.
Yes, flamingos can indeed fly. They do, however, need a little running room to take off, and they will usually take off INTO the wind, rather than with it.
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