Can fleas live in human hair?


According to, whether or not a flea can live in human hair is dependent upon the type of flea. While common cat and dog fleas do not often make a home on humans, the human flea can and will live in human hair.

Known as pulex irritans, human fleas are different from fleas found on cat or dogs. In addition to living on humans, pulex irritans are also found on swine. For this reason, people who work with swine may find themselves with pulex irritans. Pulex irritans look similar to dog and cat fleas, and while they can live on humans, individuals with good hygiene are not at high risk.

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1. Avoid scratching your hair and apply calamine lotion or cortisone cream to any flea bites on your scalp. 2. Use a flea comb to go through your hair section by section. The fine
Cat Fleas will not live on humans, but they certainly will bite
OK . Fleas don't like human hair because it isn't warm enough so the will only stay in your hair if they desprate if you have fleas then get a fine hairbrush (close toothed brush)
Immature fleas are not going to be found on you, your dog, or your clothing. They can usually be found in the carpet, so vacuuming the area where your dog sleeps, it should get rid
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Can Fleas Live in Human Hair?
There are more than 2,000 species of fleas. Only one species lives on the blood of humans (Pulex irritans), and it certainly can live in human hair. Many other species of fleas can hitch a ride in human hair to get to a species of warm-blooded creature... More »
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Humans certainly can get fleas in their hair and on their bodies. However, they do not live on humans quite the same as animals so usually when we take a bath ...
Bathe two times a day, comb hair daily to try to remove fleas from your hair. You can also use a mixture of water and tea tree oil to wash with. For more information ...
Fleas are wingless parasites that live off of food. Humans are not a preferred host of most fleas but can be infested by dog flea, among other animal fleas. Dog ...
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