Can Fleas Live in Your Bed?


Fleas cannot live in your bed. They live on carpets and will move on to beds and clothing. However, they will soon return to the carpet. They live the carpets only to feed on the host animal.
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1. Remove all flea-infested pets from your bedroom immediately. According to the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, fleas and their eggs attach themselves to pets or other
These common names refer to different species of insects, both of which happen to be blood drinking creatures. In fact, these two are not even close enough in morphology and traits
A flea live mostly on humans body but only on the dirty ones that don't wash and all ways drink and sleep on the Streeet and it does not always have to live on humans because they
You have to stop the flea cycle, which isn't hard. Getting rid of the carpet was a drastic, and not the answer to the problem. The fleas will persist because they are living and breeding
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They may not live past a few days but because of the reproduction cycle the will lay and hatch eggs before the litter dies. It will seem like the same fleas are always there.
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