Can Geckos Eat Lettuce?


Geckos can eat vegetables like lettuce or leafy greens. They feed on crickets and other animals that feed on plant life and organic material which provides it with a complete diet. They also eat fruits and calcium.
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Geckos are meat eaters. Their main diet consist of crickets, mealworms, silk worms and wax worms. If this is a pet gecko you need to add vitamins to their diet by giving them some
Aphids are small insects with soft bodies. They are shaped like teardrops, and the wingless varieties are most common in lettuce. They tend to feed in colonies and suck the sap from
turtles eat lettuce and its the most favorit food for ot.
The darker the color of the lettuce, the healthier it is. It is full of beta-carotene,
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