Can Hitting Your Stomach Cause a Miscarriage?


probably, there is a chance when someone hits a pregnant woman in her stomach she may have a miscarriage. This is because the uterus is posterior to the stomach and with a strong enough blow it may be traumatize causing premature contractions and thus abortion.
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Some causes of miscarriage are:
The cause of miscarriage isn't always known, what is known is that a miscarriage is very seldom caused by anything that the mother did wrong and there is seldom anything she could
1. Remove your contacts and any eye makeup. Items like contacts, eye liner and mascara only further irritate your already aggravated eye and increase the recovery time. You can purchase
Your nephew would have had to hit you pretty hard for it to cause any harm to your baby. I am 28 weeks pregnant now and my other kids are always jumping on me or running into me and
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Contrary to popular belief, a kick in the stomach would not make you have a miscarriage. However, if you are hit hard enough, it could cause a miscarriage. Babies are really well protected in mom's tummy.
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If you are pregnant and get hit in the stomach, you can have internal damage and even a miscarriage. This varies greatly depending on the force of the hit and ...
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