Can Giraffes Swim?


Yes! Giraffes can swim as it they wade across bodies of water that are shallower. Research has shown that full-sized adult giraffe become buoyant in 2.8m of water.
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A giraffe is a large African animal. It is not a fish.
Giraffe's don't swim. They avoid crossing rivers at all costs. ChaCha all day long!
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Most jellyfish a passive drifters that feed on small fish. Average speed is 3 knots. A giraffe will beat it easily but not if he is in water as well. report this answer. Updated on
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Theoretically, a giraffe is capable of swimming. Research has proven that just like other big animals, giraffe's buoyancy on water is achievable. Past studies had claimed that a giraffe can never swim because it avoids water like plague, maybe because it fears water and not because it can't swim.
This subject has been one that has stumped scientists for many years. No one has ever actually seen a giraffe swim, so the best guess is that they can't swim.
No one has seen a giraffe swimming but they have been found in locations where the only way for them to get there was to swim. Giraffes can jump over obstacles when they are escaping from enemies.
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