Can Google achieve the same level of vertical integration as Apple, with Motorola Mobility?


Billy Vong (Software Engineer,
It's quite possible that Google didn't buy Motorola in an attempt to achieve a higher level of integration between Android and hardware, but rather for Motorola's patents. I believe that Google would want to maintain good relationships with the other hardware vendors and giving Motorola any sort of preferential treatment would hurt those relationships.

Having said that, I don't think Google with Motorola will ever achieve the same level of vertical integration that Apple has. Google is a software company and it will take awhile (if at all) for them to really have any success with the hardware side of things.
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Andrew S. Baker (ASB) (Information Security & IT Operations Consultant, BrainWave Consulting Company, LLC)
Is it technically possible? Sure.

But I don't see it happening with Google (and certainly not in the near-term), because they are a very different type of organization than Apple -- on so many levels.

Overall, I agree with Billy. Google is not a hardware company, and I don't even think they really get what it takes to have that level of integration. And, for right now, their corporate culture does not support it.

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