Can Grass Grow under Pine Trees?


Grass does not do well under pine trees. The reason for this phenomenon is thought to be the acidic soils under the pine trees and the lack of sunshine due to the pine shade.
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Some grasses require consistently moist soil to thrive. Tufted hair grass (Deschampsia cespitosa) grows to 3 feet tall and tolerates light to moderate shade. An evergreen, tufted
As you can see from most answers, probably none. In the forests you won't find any grass, our pine forests in my state certainly don't allow any grass to grow. Might look at the azeala
Your best bet is to use a mixture designed for shady areas,
Grass have difficulty growing in the shade of trees. Even so called shade tolorant cultivars will always do better in more sun than shade. Grass by definition is sun loving. However
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