Can grass grow under pine trees?


Grass does not do well under pine trees. The reason for this phenomenon is thought to be the acidic soils under the pine trees and the lack of sunshine due to the pine shade.
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Some grasses require consistently moist soil to thrive. Tufted hair grass (Deschampsia cespitosa) grows to 3 feet tall and tolerates light to moderate shade. An evergreen, tufted
it is not the sharpness of thr needles. fred is right that the needles themselves make the soil acidic as they break down on the soil surface and release tannins and their resins,
Your best bet is to use a mixture designed for shady areas,
The easy answer is just don't grow grass there. Grass doesn't like to grow under pine trees, so why force it. The soil is acidic, it can be messy, there is little sunlight and competition
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