Can Guppies and Goldfish Be in the Same Tank?


It would not be a good idea to keep guppies and gold fish in the same tank, as the goldfish is likely to eat the smaller sized guppies. Also, the goldfish produce a lot of waste which could affect the health of the guppies. Furthermore, the two species survive at different environmental conditions, the guppies preferring a higher water temperature compared to the goldfish.
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Goldfish are coldwater fish and need to be kept below 70F. All Guppies are tropical fish and need to be kept above 70F. They should not be kept together.
1. Offer your guppies crushed flake food twice a day. Each time you feed your guppies, give them only as much food as they can eat within 3 to 5 minutes. Overfeeding can lead to waste
Goldfish are large coldwater fish, they need very spacious over filtered tanks, over 20 US gallons for one, they're nippy, pushy and bullish. They will also eat anything that fits
Similar sized Livebearers, Tetras, Rasboras,
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You can have beta fish and other types of fish in the same tank. Some species, however, not recommended. These are: Silver Dollars, Goldfish, or Guppies. ...
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