Can Guppies and Goldfish Live Together?


Guppies and Gold fish are two of the most common types of fish pets. It is not advisable to keep Guppies and Goldfish in the same aquarium because they survive well in different temperatures and they both need a specified amount of space in the aquarium. The male species of the Betta goldfish are also known to be aggressive fish and will defiantly attack the guppies.
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Duckweed (Lemna minor) is a perennial water cover that goldfish and koi find irresistible. This quick spreading plant will double in size on a daily basis, if given proper growing
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I had a little school of guppies in with four goldfish. They stayed pretty separate; they were never interested in each other. No, they don't mate. No feeding problems. They were
Hi Sarah; Don't worry about the goldfish having been in there. There is no mysterious oil or anything on them to harm your new ones. Goldfish are just messy so you will want to rinse
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