Can Halogen Lights Be Put on a Dimmer?


Halogen lights can be put on a dimmer because they have a largely resistive load. However, you should be sure to stick well within the stated power rating of the dimmer because the cold filament inrush currents are huge to burn the filament. One of the advantages of using dimmers is that they extend the life of both regular bulbs and halogen lamps.
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1. Ensure the electricity is switched off at the circuit breaker. 2. Unscrew the light switch cover plate and remove the screws at the top and bottom of the switch that hold it in
As many as the watts or current the dimmer specs say it will control - less 10 percent
Your car already uses halogen bulbs. However, there's the "blue" halogens that will give off a crisper light. These are available at your local parts store. Anything above
You can use a laser temperature measuring "gun" from Raytek or Fluke to maesure the actual temp. If it's close to the head's actuating temperature I'd move it. I notice
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Halogen bulbs can be dimmed using normal light dimmers, although with low voltage you must make sure that your transformer is compatible with the dimmer switch. ...
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Surprisingly dimmer switches do not lower the amount of light put off by the light bulb, instead the dimmer switch turns the lights on and off extremely fast. ...
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