Can Hamsters Eat Apples?


Hamsters can eat a variety of apples and fruits to keep them healthy and less prone to illness. Some of the fruits they can eat include apples (seedless), bananas, cherries (de-stoned) and Blackberries. Vegetables include Cabbage (small amounts), asparagus, broccoli and carrots.
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Hamsters eating apples will not affect their health unless too many at once. Give about 3 very small pieces a day. :3.
Hamsters make great pets; they are cuddly, adorable and easy to care for. One of the most important aspects of hamster care is finding the right food products to give your pet the
1. Prepare your apple. Wash your apple under running. water. Most commercially available apples tend to be covered in a pest-proof layer of wax, if it has been sprayed. You can carve
My all time favorite is the Jonathan apple, but for some reason you can't get them any more (Jonagold is just not the same). A very close second (but totally different taste) is Honeycrisp
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Hamsters can eat small bits of apples and other fruits and vegetables. They like chunks of food they can hold in their hands and eat. Just make sure they are in small enough bits that they can be handled.
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There are different foods that the hamsters can eat and they include apples, bananas and the black berries. In addition to this, the hamsters can also eat chick ...
Hamsters like a variety of fruit and vegetables, including carrots. Hamsters are omnivores and eat both plant and animal matter. In the wild, hamsters eat grain, ...
Syrian Hamsters feed on a variety of items which include: insects, plant roots, seeds and small animals. These hamsters require fresh food and water on a daily ...
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