Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?


The favourite food for the hamsters are the foods that are native to their natural nuts and seeds.Hamsters can feed on cheese because they are lactose tolerant.
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the guda kind.
Hamsters diet consists of roots, insects, mealworms and seeds. They enjoy fruits, vegetables and hard boiled eggs as treats. they can eat can dog food too.
Dwarf hamsters can eat any kind of cheese. Start with sliced American
A good commercial diet will include vegetable, grains and greens. Pellets are the most common form of food. Others are whole grains mixed with dehydrated vegetables and dried greens
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Hamsters can eat cottage cheese. They can also eat scrambled egg and cooked chicken. By feeding your hamster these items you will be giving him protein.
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Hamsters are omnivorous. They are capable of eating bananas, blackberries, cherries, cranberries, grapes, lyches, melons, peaches, cheese, plums, raisins and sultanas ...
You can feed your hamsters cheese. However, it is highly advisable to give your hamster small amount of cheese to see if it will get along with its body or if ...
Hamsters eat a variety of foods. They eat a lot of dehydrated foods, fruits, nuts, and vegatables. In the wild, they will consume a lot of wheat, nuts, and small ...
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