Can Hamsters Eat Nuts?


Hamsters can be fed certain types of nuts like cashew nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts. Other foods that they can indulge in are carrot cake, boiled egg, grapes, cucumber, kales, broccoli, and grass among others. It is good to note that hamsters delight in wide variety of food.
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Hamsters like to eat walnuts and peanuts (unsalted, of course! At least that's what I've found =
1. Buy a bag of pistachio nuts that are already semi-opened if you can. If you cannot find any in the store that are opened, then you can try the shelled ones. Sometimes people prefer
Dwarf hamsters are not picky eaters and will consume almost anything. They
DO NOT feed: Fish (ok to eat but will make your hamster smell very unpleasant) Almonds (contains Cyanic Acid) Apple pips / seeds (contain arsenic) Canned food (usually too much sugar
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Hamsters eat a variety of foods. They eat a lot of dehydrated foods, fruits, nuts, and vegatables. In the wild, they will consume a lot of wheat, nuts, and small ...
Hamsters will eat almost anything (broccoli, cheese, yogurt...) Their favourite foods are foods native to their dry habitat, like seeds, cereals, nuts, but make ...
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