Can Hamsters Take Baths?


Hamsters do not take baths. This is because bathing removes natural and essential oils from the hamster's coat, which can cause the hamster to catch a chill and die. Bathing should only be done if the hamster has a toxic substance on its body.
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They groom themselves with their tongue and paws, their fur then cleaning itself due to the natural oils in the fur.
Understand that your hamster should never need a bath. That being said, if you are
Try cleaning the cage more often if he's smelly. It's not preferred to give hamsters a bath since they can get seriously sick/die from chills, but if you take precautions it's fine
If all you have to do with your time is come here and whine about people's bathing habits, then I feel sorry for you. There's a big difference between being rough and dirty, and being
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Hamsters are naturally clean animals and bathe themselves. Giving a hamster a bath in water can kill it. If your hamster is 'stinky' it may need to go to the vet.
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