Can Hedgehogs Swim?


Hedgehogs are good swimmers. They tend to enjoy the bathtub and a kitchen sink. However, their good swimming abilities are not a reason for you to leave a hedgehog unattended. You should also offer occasional baths for your pet hedgehog.
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Hedgehog's can swim. They really like to swim. They do get tired really easily and they have been known to drown from being trapped in the water.
Hedgehogs are actually excellent swimmers! They can swim up to 4.5 miles per hour! Hedgehogs like to swim to find their food. Hedgehogs can run extremely fast and climb walls too! You can find more information here:
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yes they can swim they use there front and back legs but its hard for it to get out of a pond so the try to find a log to climb on out or grab on to wood to get on out.
Approximately 8,400,000 Hedgehogs will fit in an Olympic size swimm...
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Hedgehogs swim in search for food. However, if a hedgehog falls into a swimming pool or steep-sided pond, it might drown because it cannot climb. Hedgehogs are ...
1. Bathe your hedgehog whenever it gets dirty or about once every few months. 2. Know that some pet hedgehogs love to swim. You can provide slightly deeper water ...
Hedgehogs are tiny spiky mammals and can climb walls, swim and run fast. Approximately half of the population of hedgehogs dies before they are a year old. They ...
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