Can HIV Be Spread If the Male Have Not Break in the Female?


Yes, HIV can be spread even though there is no break in the skin. It can be spread through the tissues such as the linings of the vagina, anal area, mouth or mucus membranes. You can find more information here:
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Symptoms of untreated AIDS/HIV include: night sweats. unexplained weight loss. frequent opportunistic infections. unusual, rare infections or cancers.
If your partner is HIV-positive, your chances
The notion that circumcision will help prevent the spread of HIV is only obvious to people like Bill Clinton and Bill Gates and others from the USA. It is not a notion that has illuminated
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There are ways a male can lessen his risk of contracting hiv from an infected female, but unless abstinence is practiced there will always be a risk. One of the ...
If a female has HIV, a male cannot have sexual intercourse with the female, unless he uses a condom to protect himself. As long as no body liquids are involved ...
The risk of HIV transmission from female to male will vary depending upon each person and the situation of exposure. Both a male and a female can be at a risk ...
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