Can Horses Eat Celery?


Horses can eat celery but not all of them will. Celery is very healthy for the horses as it also provides them with fibre. They also feed on legumes like beans, peas, lentils, carob and alfalfa.
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Carrots, swedes (also known as rutabagas) turnips, beetroots (or beets) and parsnip are all good choices in the root vegetable family to feed to horses. Carrots are a well-known and
: Horses cannot eat meat. They eat plants, grass etc. ANSWER #2: Horses should NOT EAT: peanut butter or peanuts (no nuts of any kind) avocados, raw potatoes, rhubarb, tobacco, cherries
From Wikipedia: "The nuts, especially those that are young and fresh, are slightly poisonous, containing. alkaloid. saponins. and. glucosides. Although not dangerous to touch
Water is the only true zero calorie food that
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