Can House Cats Swim?


Just like dogs, cats are natural swimmers. However, domestic cats are not water lovers and will always prefer not to dip in any unless it is by accident or emergency. The other big cats like lions and tigers swim comfortably because of the high temperature of the environment and hence get cooled.
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Turkish Van if you tell what it looks like it has got 1blue eye and 1green eye and its fur is usually white! : THEY LOVE TO SWIM Iv got 4 turkish vans and 2 bengals.
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Yes, any cat can swim if it came down to it and their life. It's a natural instinct that they gathered from the wild. Just like with most animals.
House cats can swim rather well. I know, because a few of mine have fell in our pool, and I have one that almost appears that she can walk on water, she gets out so fast. I wouldn't suggest to allow a house cat to swim for long period of time though.
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