Can Humans Catch Kennel Cough?


Humans can catch kennel cough which is a dog's disease. The virus or bacteria causing the disease spreads to humans through air, when they come in direct contact with an infected dog or contaminated surfaces. Those with a weak immune system are more prone to it resulting to upper respiratory infections.
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1. Recognize the symptoms, which include shortness of breath, chest pain, an unproductive cough and a low-grade fever. Recognize the possible route of infection, typically exposure
I would not give my dogs any human medication unless prescribed by the vet.
Kennel cough does not occur in humans. The illness in humans is just a
Sorry, there are no home remedies or human meds that will "cure" kennel cough. Bring your dog to the vet and get a proper diagnosis, she may not even have kennel cough.
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Human can catch virtually anything from animals. Yes, kennel cough is an infection caused by a bacteria so humans can catch it. If your dog has kennel cough please ...
The commonest cause of kennel cough and from the same family as Bordetella pertussis (whooping cough in humans), Bb causes disease in a wide range of host species ...
Kennel cough can be contagious to some humans. Young children and those that are immunocompromised should stay a way from animals that have symptoms of tracheobronchitis ...
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