Can Humans Drink Blood?


Humans can drink blood but only in very small amounts. Any amount other than that will cause problems because blood is toxic when drank in considerable amounts. Blood is rich in iron and drinking it will cause iron overdose. This can lead to liver damage, dehydration and several other health problems.
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The average adult has about 10 pints of blood in their body. Ten pints is equal to 20 cups of blood. You're not thinking of sharing some of yours with a vampire, are you?
Well first of most desieses can be tranported through blood. So dont go out sucking blood and be suprized you heve ads the next day. First answer by ID1074558091. Last edit by ID1074558091
Cord blood is collected, with your permission, from the umbilical cord and placenta after you give birth. Some families donate their children's cord blood, so those who can benefit
Humans can catch infections by drinking human blood. Thanks for
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The vampires that eat the flesh of humans and drink their blood are called Porphyria Vampires. These type of vampires are said to crave the haem in the human blood ...
Drinking blood is safe as it can be broken down by the digestive system. Blood contains proteins and minerals like iron, which can be digested by the human digestive ...
In ancient times people believed that demons and spirits would eat flesh and drink blood but today people associate the eating of flesh and blood with vampires. ...
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