Can Humans Drink Distilled Water?


Distilled water is perfectly safe for human consumption once it has been boiled. This water often contains parasites, chlorine, fluoride and dioxins. Thus, daily drinking of distilled water that has not been boiled is potentially dangerous.
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1. Acquire supplies. If you have access to laboratory equipment, this will be simple. A large heat-resistant glass flask will act as the still pot. A glass condenser will work perfectly
You can drink it. It just is not that good for you. If distilled it lacks
Some people drink distilled water because they believe that, having no contaminants, it is more "healthy. However, many people find that distilled water doesn't taste very good
You may want to rephrase your question. Reverse osmosis (RO) doesn't make distilled water. The water produced by RO is certainly similar to distilled in that much of the non water
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Distilled water is safe to drink under normal circumstances. However, due to the purification process it undergoes, the water lacks minerals that would naturally ...
Distilled water is water that has been purified using a process of distillation, which is heating water to boiling point. The resulting water is purer, but it ...
Distilled water doesn't contain the minerals your body needs to function. So it is not good choice to drink it. Tap or bottled water would be a better choice. ...
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