Can Humans Eat Sunflower Seeds Made for Birds?


The sunflower seeds made for birds have not been exposed to excessive industrial processing, but at the same time humans can't eat sunflower seeds made for birds. That is primarily because those seeds haven't been cleaned properly and can lead to diseases. Moreover, these seeds haven't been cooked either. It would be better for humans to purchase cooked and hygienic sunflower seeds at the supermarket.
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The bright red male cardinal and his brownish hen stand out in the winter landscape, and they'll also stand out at the bird feeder if black-oil sunflower seeds are on the menu. As
cardinals ,american goldfinches ,etc.
Nothing will happen if a human being eats bird seed. It's just seeds and will
Sunflower seeds are high in energy and provide many of the nutrients that most birds need and prefer. Studies indicate that most seed eating bird species prefer sunflower to other
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