Can humans get mange from dogs?


According to the ASPCA, it is possible, but very unusual, for a person to get mange from a dog. The skin disease is caused by mites that are passed from host to host. A limited number of mange mites are always present on dogs, but excessive numbers lead to mange.

Mange typically presents itself in dogs as scaly bald patches on their faces or bodies, the ASPCA indicates. Facial mange is common in puppies and usually heals on its own. Elsewhere on the body, mange is often accompanied by secondary bacterial infections and requires more treatment.

The ASPCA states that, in humans, mange takes the form of a rash with red bumps. The inflammation resembles several mosquito bites.

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I don't know about feces, but from urine you can get leptospirosis if the dog is already infected.
Not Medical Advice: Most cases of mange require professional attention, this is your best and safest option.
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